Neck pain and headaches are very common afflictions. This kind of pain can also be a confusing ailment because of all the possible causes. Of course you know the cause of your pain when it follows obvious trauma, such as a car accident, and you know to seek immediate treatment in those cases.  But when the cause of pain is less obvious, how do you know when you need treatment? How do you know it treatment will last, or, will you just tell yourself it’s part of life?

Until recently headaches were considered a nuisance that can be temporarily treated with aspirin, but NEVER resolved. Several studies have shown headaches and neck pain to be a significant public health problem with 27% of females and 14% of males suffering from frequent headaches and neck pain.  Neck pain and headaches are the most common reasons people seek both medical and chiropractic treatment.

Traditional medical and chiropractic treatment involved medications that treated the symptoms only and adjustments that gave relief in most cases, but did not always address the cause of the pain.

In this clinic you will be treated with the best, and most successful techniques available. The results are noticed quickly, and are in most cases permanent. You will be amazed by the positive results. There is a reason this treatment is the only patented soft tissue treatment in the country.

Treatment consists of Chiropractic adjustment of the neck (if needed), Active Release Techniques to relieve the tension in the muscles of the neck that are the cause of headaches, Accelerated Recovery Machine that has the unique ability to cause a muscle to relax, elongate and flush out inflammation. Strength exercises, stretches, and lifestyle/posture modification are also incorporated to prevent reoccurrence in the future.