Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most prevalent, least understood, and most ineffectively-treated neuro-musculoskeletal repetitive strain injury today. The problem is often  described as:

-Ache in wrists and hands from overuse.

-Feeling numbness, burning sensations or tingling in the hands.

-Fumbling and dropping objects easily.

-Weakness in hands and forearms.

-Difficulty performing simple tasks with your fingers.

Carpal Tunnel in aggravated by poor posture, improper ergonomics, decreased strength due to muscle imbalance or injury, and overuse of muscles in the forearms and hands.  Long periods of use with improper ergonomics cause chronic irritation to soft-tissues including the nerves, muscles, ligaments, fascia, and tendons. This irritation to the muscle results in improper absorption of force. The constant irritation causes an increase in tension of the muscles and an increase of friction and pressure on all soft tissue. This leads to chronic inflammation, decreased circulation, and swelling of the muscles in the forearms which will produce pain anywhere from the upper arm to the fingertips.

This focused exclusively on the carpal tunnel (area in the wrist where the flexor tendons and median nerve pass from the forearm into the hand). Traditional treatment includes splinting, anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone injections, and surgery to shave away bone in the wrist to make more room for the flexor tendons. Unfortunately research is showing that this diagnosis and treatment is inaccurate and ignores the greater cause of the problem. Is your “advil deficiency” causing muscle pain or is the inability of the muscle to absorb force causing your pain?

The majority of carpal tunnel patients have peripheral nerve entrapment located further up in the arm and include, not just the median nerve, but the radial nerve and/or the ulnar nerve. 

Active Release Techniques (ART) assesses the peripheral nerve distribution as it leaves the neck and follows it to the fingertips looking for areas of nerve impingement. Each of the three nerves in the forearm have common sites of impingement that can easily be treated with this patented soft tissue technique. ART can, in most cases, quickly and permanently resolve carpal tunnel syndrome. In addition to ART, the Accelerated Recovery machine (ARP) has the unique ability to immediately relax and elongate muscle as well as flushing inflammation from the area being treated. Specific strengthening and stretching exercises will be prescribed to the patient. Once the impingement and chronic muscle tightness has been resolved the patient will continue their exercises periodically to ensure the problem does not return. Improvement in quick and painless!