Active Release Techniques (ART) is a patented soft tissue treatment that requires intensive training and dedication by the health care professional providing the treatment. Only a handful of practitioners in the world are certified in this procedure. For a list of providers trained in ART visit www.activerelease.com. ART is designed to locate and break down scar tissue and adhesions which cause pain, numbness, weakness, stiffness and biomechanical dysfunction associated with repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

A repetitive strain injury is a soft-tissue injury in which muscles, nerves, ligaments, fascia, or tendons become inflamed as a result of cumulative trauma and overuse. RSI’s can occur at work or at play, whenever repetitive actions are performed.

ART is used both for treatment of RSI injuries, as well as for the improvement of athletic performance.  Active Release Technique is the key to alleviating the suffering caused by overuse injuries, as it addresses: the true CAUSE of the problem, how to effectively TREAT the trauma, and how to STOP the treatment from returning.  In Summery: ART is able to resolve the true cause of many musculoskeletal problems by providing more than just a symptomatic solution.

ART can provide patients with a means to enhance their sports performance by identifying and releasing restrictions that reduce their performance in that activity.  I will perform a biomechanical analysis of the patient performing their sport and determine what biomechanical dysfunction is restricting your performance.  I will then use specific ART protocol for treatment of your dysfunction along with specific stretches and state-of-the-art electric muscle stimulation for muscular rehabilitation.  Once the restrictive adhesions have been removed, post-treatment exercises become a critical part of the healing process to ensure the problem does not return.

ART Performance Care has been used to improve athletic performance for everyone from the weekend warrior to the Olympic Gold medallist.  Many well known athletes have benefited from ART Performance Care, including:

-NHL hockey player-Gary Roberts.

-Figure skaters and Olympic Gold medallists-Jamie Sale and David Pelletier.

-Mr. Universe-Milos Sarcev.

-Members of several Olympic teams.

-Numerous PGA Gold professionals.

-Many, many more…
"One elite runner who broke her cycle of chronic injury through ART is Marla Runyan, who holds a marathon best of 2:27:10. Runyan sought treatment for severe plantar fasciitis... 'Dr. Leahy took my foot and got to work. For the first time I could feel the scar tissue and adhesions literally break apart in his fingers.' "

- Running Times, "Thinking Outside the Doctors Office", May '05

"...Seeing is believing, even for an M.D. like Dr. Bill Ross (sports medicine specialist at St. Francis Memorial in San Fransisco). 'I know what works... ART is more effective for chronic inflammation than any other treatment available — and often a complete cure.'"

- Runner's World, "The ART of Healing", September '04